Monday, July 16, 2012


Oh those pictures are so pretty!!! I have been so busy the past couple of weeks and stuck in a dreamy summer state that I hadn't found the time to post on this blog. I figured why not post about this dreamy summer I am trapped in. While the following pictures don't show the picturesque summer we see in our heads with beaches, sunsets, and old swimsuits they still are a part of what summer can also be.(Don't get me wrong I LOVE old swimsuits but I also love the adventurous side to summer)


Kate and Laura Mulleavy put together a LOVELY list of songs for rookie magazine that perfectly embodies summer and California dreaming. All the songs are so pretty and make me feel so nostalgic.The playlist is absolutely PERFECT for warm summer days spent indoors. 
Sometimes summer feels like a never ending dream...

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I won't lie, this isn't the first blog I have had, but this one is different. I almost felt "fake" in those other blogs, like I was trying to be somebody I wasn't. This blog is solely dedicated to expressing who I am as an individual. I realize that wasn't a proper introduction so here it is. I'm Ariel and I practically live and breathe fashion. Its hard to really describe my style because I wear "cute" and well put together outfits but I really aspire to dress like Tavi. The most important thing you must know about me is that my mind lives in the past, specifically Paris in the 20's (aka I live inside the movie Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen). I don't bite, so comments are always welcome!